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Note In some systems if you install a recent version of Python (e.g., 2.4) you will still have an old one lying around (e.g.,1.5.2), which is needed by some system programs (so you can t uninstall it). In such cases, the /usr/bin/env trick is not a good idea, as you will probably end up with your programs being executed by the old Python. Instead, you should find the exact location of your new Python executable (probably called python or python2) and use the full path in the pound bang line, like this:


"this is a test".reverse.upcase.split(' ').reverse.join('-')

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This example is deliberately long to demonstrate the power of method chaining in Ruby. The syntax is a lot cleaner than the equivalent in Perl, C, or C++, and almost reads like English. This example takes your string "this is a test", reverses it, converts it to upper case, splits it into words (splitting on spaces), reverses the position of the words in an array, then joins the array back into a string with each element separated by dashes. (Objects are covered in depth in s 2, 3, and 6.)

Here Mark used a motif a recurring visual or verbal theme in the form of a murder mystery to make the story coherent and memorable. First of all, I m going to show you a motive. The word motive appeared on the screen (top) along with a picture of a stack of money. I m going to show you the means, he said, as the word means and an image of pills similar to this one appeared on the screen (middle). I m going to show you the death, he said, as the word death and the familiar outline of Bob appeared next to Carol on the screen (bottom). With these slides, Mark asked the jurors to follow the simple formula that underlies every murder-mystery story: motive + means = death. Even jurors who don t watch TV would

Ruby classes are similar in style to those in Perl, C++, or Java, but keep the benefits of Ruby s dynamic features. Let s look at an example class definition:

class Person def initialize(name, age) @name = name @age = age end def name return @name end def age return @age end end

Before you can actually run your script, you must make it executable: $ chmod a+x Now it can be run like this (assuming that you have the current directory in your path): $

This class features an initialize method that is called automatically when you create a new instance of that class. Two parameters or arguments are accepted (name and age) and assigned to instance variables. Instance variables are variables associated with a particular instance of a class and begin with an @ sign (as in @name). Java developers should recognize @name as being similar to After the initializer come two methods (name and age) that act as basic accessors. They simply return the value of their respective instance variables.


Note In Ruby, if no value is explicitly returned from a method, the value of the last expression is returned

instead. Therefore, return @name and just @name as the last line in the name method would be equivalent.

know this familiar structure from books, board games, or stories in the news. Earlier, Mark hinted at a murder-mystery motif with the black outline and again with the CSI reference, and now at the most important part of the presentation, he fully established the murder-mystery motif as the structure for the entire presentation to come. You ll learn more about how you nd your story thread and integrate verbal and visual motifs into your own presentation starting in 4.

Note If this doesn t work, try using ./ instead, which will work even if the current directory (.)

With the preceding class definition, it s trivial to create new objects:

person1 ='Chris', 25) person2 ='Laura', 23) puts puts person2.age

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